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Excel Automation Consulting Services for Business

Personal experience of not using Excel Automation

In short

I am Arnold Muscat and have worked in the finance, sales, marketing, manufacturing, production, and retail industries attaining positions of General Manager, Finance Director, and MD. I began using spreadsheets in the 1980s before Microsoft Office was introduced and has been a continuous and progressive user of MS office and related programs for the past 20 years. LinkedIn Profile

Unfortunately, my superiors never saw the need to automate Excel or Microsoft Office functions and consequently we continued using employees to generate reports.

I have always related a personal true story that epitomises this old-fashioned approach.

In one of my factory employments, we received 15 working days’ leave per annum. I performed a monthly task that took two days every month = 24 days over three years.

When I start facilitating Excel, I learned about the SUBTOTAL function. I could have completed 24 days of tedious work in TEN minutes.

Since that day I advocate VBA or Excel automation to all of our clients as I still feel the pain of these lost hours. We have our very own Microsoft VBA (MVP) Siddharth Rout, who is our project leader for VBA automation and Excel consultancy projects.

As you are reading this content, I assume that you have a similar pain point and have an excel work project, excel to PowerPoint automation, or freelance excel spreadsheet design project that you would like to automate with VBA.

Here is a quick overview of the content

We can help you save time and money by streamlining and automating your tasks and processes. We provide customized solutions for Excel and the entire Microsoft Office suite.

Benefits of Excel Automation
  • 1. Save 100's to 1000's of man-hours per year
  • 2. Significantly reduce overhead costs
  • 3. Greatly improve job satisfaction of their teams
  • 4. Run circles around the competition
  • 5. Eliminate human data capture errors
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  • 6. Reduce repetition
  • 7. Make faster and informed decisions by analyzing and presenting your data
  • 8. Automate the tasks and let you spend more time on valuable works
  • 9. Pull useful information from the existing data

Build Your Excel Automation With Us

We have decades of experience across multiple industries. Here’s what we’re really great at.

We Lead the Pack In:

  • 1. Custom Spreadsheets
  • 2. Dashboard Design
  • 3. Excel Consultancy
  • 4. Automated Charts
  • 5. VBA Automation
  • 6. Excel User Forms
  • 7. Excel Automation
  • 8. VBA (Visual Basic)
  • 9. Macro Development
  • 10. Task Automation
  • 11. Automated Reports
  • 12. Automated PDFs
  • 13. Data Mining
  • 14. Data Analysis
  • 15. Data Cleaning

How will a VBA Automation solution help you?

Our expert team has a sound understanding of VBA and related issues your business may face. We specialize in identifying all such issues and help you finish your project easily. Our VBA consulting services include:
• Export big data reports to PDF and email
• Import data to excel
• Rearrange data in seconds
• Automation of data processing and analysis
• Process automation
• Financial quantitative analysis

We make use our years of real business experience to deliver efficient and effective Excel automation business solutions for a businesses in South Africa, USA, UK and Europe. Should you need any further information about Arnold MuscatArnold Muscat LinkedIn Call Arnold at +27 (0)83 778 4903, Skype “handle” arnoldmuscat or email

We will create custom VBA automation solutions so that your employees do not need have to VBA skills to use complexed macros in excel. No matter what your requirements are; excel to PowerPoint automation, automation report in excel or a bespoke automation in excel solution, we are the #1 Goto 1 Excel Automation Consulting Services Agency.

Our Excel Automation Design Process

Our Approach to Excel Automation bespoke solutions

We have decades of experience across multiple industries.
Here’s what we’re really great at.

Build Your Excel Automation With Us

  • 1. We communicate regularly with regards to the vba automation project
  • 2. We allocate a designated excel programmer to your project.
  • 3. English is our first language, VBA is our second language
  • 4. We deliver on time and within budget
  • 5. We offer tuition and hand over the IP to you.
  • 6. We will snag any problems that occur for twelve months at no additional charge
  • 7. We build business relationships that are mutually beneficial
  • 8. We will offer a free consultation.
  • 9. We will agree on a deliverables and payment plans.

What Our Clients Say About Us


Once again, thanks and you impressed everyone here by being willing to “complete the task.”

We are amazed by your teams VBA Automation skills.


Steven Strooh | Vice-President

Beeline + Blue | Des Moines, USA


I had the privilege to work with Arnold on the FIND (Switzerland) Botswana project (refer below).

Their Excel expertise and VBA Automation problem solving abilities are exceptional.

Arnold and I were in Gaborone Botswana for the installation and training under difficult environmental circumstances. The manner in which Arnold over came the issues and delivered was truly amazing.

Michele Best (Virologist) | Beltsville

The Website Junction

Our business relationship has spanned more than a decade and the solutions College Africa develop never cease to amaze us. Simple, but brilliant solutions and then explain and train our staff to make them more productive. Look nowhere else.

Will Bermudez | Henderson

College Africa has assisted us with online and virtual classroom training and have the experience to gear the training towards solving work related spreadsheet problems. Their professionalism and excellent pricing make them a perfect service provider

Jackie Kerekes (MBA) | Sydney

I had the pleasure of working with Arnold prior to moving to the UK. This made it extremely easy to select College Africa Group for our training needs. The perfect company for our needs.

Warren Franz

We have utilised College Africa Group’s training and consultancy services on many occasions and are proud to be associated with them. They have provided Excel training to our South African Partners on an annual basis.

They have created many VBA automation solutions to meet our bespoke requirements and save money.

They have always delivered on time and at excellent prices.

Malcolm Granville

Business Guide | Storm Trader Solutions NZ


Botswana – Gaborone

“Dear Arnold and Team, we are extremely happy that you have managed to assist The Ministry of Health Botswana, FIND and the many others who have worked on this very important project, Michele especially, and for completing the project, in person here in Botswana, on time and on budget. Kekeletso (Keke) Kao The Ministry of Health Botswana


We have had a long business relationship with Yeboit and College Africa Group which have been mutually beneficial. The always deliver on time and on budget. Highly recommended. Super Excel Automation programmers.


Akhilesh Malasi | Dehradun


SEO Parrots


We have been involved in many joint ventures over the past years and the arrangements have been mutually beneficial for both companies. College Africa is our African branch and their VBA Automation expertise and knowledge is vast. They are flexible and diligent.


They have provided Excel, other training and reporting solutions that have greatly reduced time and produced concise reports that presents the pertinent information that everyone can understand.

It is with great pleasure that we recommend them

George Chacko | Bhopal



Arnold and College Africa Group have been instrumental in developing solutions with Xpizon which have been successfully distributed Worldwide. They are expert in their fields of training and always find simpler more practical solution especially for Excel workplace problems.


We have been involved for nearly ten years with Yeboit and College Africa Group.


Siddharth Rout (Microsoft MVP)

(Founder/Director) | Mumbai

A partnership with The Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics, (FIND) Switzerland, Michele Best Laboratory Director and Global Health Consultant USA and Ministry of Health Botswana to create and deliver a bespoke National database solution incorporating 52 clinics to monitor over 100 different blood tests, results and record issues experienced at every clinic.

The solution had to cover and possible means of data transfer due to being in Africa. Old school USB/CD and email directly into the database. The bespoke reporting solutions by Country, Regions or individual clinics were also accommodated.

The project included a two- day handover and training in Gaborone Botswana.

College Africa Group developed and installed an amazing database package that allowed us to analyse 52 clinic blood test results by region, type of test, nationally and more.


College Africa presented Excel and other training to more than forty employees. Training groups this large is almost impossible but Arnold made everyone feel as if they were the only person receiving training.


They also provide six months support an no charge. MANY THANKS and recommended.” Kekeletso (Keke) Kao The Ministry of Health Botswana for the Botswana Blood Bank

Our business relationship started many years ago when College Africa group was called EasyExcel.

We assisted them with the website name change and they provided us with training which was perfectly customised to meet our specific requirement.


Great people and a good company.



Anjana Gunatillake | Colombo

Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) contracted College Africa (South Africa) to develop and install a diagnostic software database, (VBA and Excel based package) to monitor blood tests nationwide over 50+ clinics in Botswana.


College Africa also provided onsite excel training and trouble shooting in Gaborone Botswana. The six month project was a resounding success and the implementation was perfect and on budget.


College Africa Group also provided a further six month FREE update and support services.

It was a pleasure to work with College Africa Group.


FIND’s mission is to drive the development and early implementation of innovative diagnostic tests that have a high impact on patient care and disease control in low-resource settings; and


FIND Geneva – Jessica Bennett

College Africa developed Excel automation and other training videos for our many hundreds of employees.

This bespoke solution was required due to the lack of infrastructure and internet connectivity.

The project was completed before time and on budget. Fantastic product.



Arnold and his VBA agency are our first contact whenever we need to think out the box. They have created many cost-effective bespoke solutions. The solutions are kept so simple that it anyone can use them and save hundreds of hours per annum.

Highly recommended

Imraan Salijee WebAccounting Johannesburg


We have had a business relationship for more than a decade and the level and simplicity of the VBA and Excel automation make our Finance and accounting chores so easy. The team are flexible and understand business and the deadlines involved.

Always on budget and deliver on time


Craig Rowan FinBiz South Africa & UK

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