5 Finance VBA automation opportunities

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5 Finance VBA Automation Opportunities

  • Boring manual tasks such as account reconciliation and variance analysis. What a waste of time and effort. With Excel and VBA automation tools, there’s no longer any need to perform these manually.
  • Reducing human error. We are only human and prone to making mistakes. Some mistakes are extremely costly for a business. TransAlta, a big Canadian power generator experienced a simple spreadsheet error that cost the firm a whopping $24 million. It is estimated that around 80% of manually generated Excel sheets contain mistakes or gaps in information.
  • Ensuring improved consistency: Despite best practices, many finance team members have their own methods of doing things. Automating processes creates greater consistency within finance teams, reducing the chances of mistakes and information gaps.
  • Using your data more beneficially: Automation of real-time data collection increases the utility of business information, allowing people to make informed decisions at an early stage. This reduces the potential for loss.
  • Reducing the opportunity of fraud: Automating standard finance tasks makes things a lot more secure and reduces the opportunity to commit fraud.

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Internet of Things IOT

Internet of Things IOT

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